Friday, August 12, 2011

When the moon hits your a big pizza pie...that's amore!

Well, Heidi and I did it! The pizza turned out great. Everything being roasted ahead of time was the best thing we did. The roasted tomatoes made the pie just perfect. We could even pick it up and fork or knife involved. To me that is success!

We sat at my kitchen table and ate pizza waiting for the hummingbirds to visit my potted Rose of Sharon. They visit most every day....they are so cute.

After I had praised Heidi and Heidi had praised me and we had praised even the oven and the pizza stone, we decided we will do this again.

We talked at length about our next cooking adventure....scones or quiche??? Which one should we do??

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  1. Wow,, Lee, you're posting like crazy these days....Good for you...I'm so glad....Your pizza sounds so good, especially since I'm dieting..everything sounds good when you're dieting...But the best thing is the friendship..
    Mama Bear