Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Night Sleepover with the girly girls

Amanda and Autumn spent the night last night. I know I talk a lot about sleepovers and the girls, but last night was so much fun. I guess part of it is the fact that they are getting older and Autumn does most of the same things that Amanda does.

We watched a funky movie while eating homemade cookies from the freezer. Freezer cookies are remarkably delish....and really easy. We ate all 15 cookies and enjoyed every bite!

Our main activity recently has been making murals with paints or markers. They turn out amazing. We just start with maybe a fun picture of a sunshine or a rainbow or maybe a volcano and make everything go together. One of our favorite things to draw is big names.....AMANDA or AUTUMN in puffy letters and then decorating them with designs.

Last night we had both markers and new paint sets.....the pictures were amazing and the colors were so clean and bright. They are taped on the big slider closet doors in their bedroom. Looks good!

Breakfast was uneventful, but after breakfast the girls went on a sketching mission to the third floor of our condo unit. They took pencils and notebooks and drew the decorating and furniture in the hallway upstairs. They loved never know how much fun takes place with a simple idea and lots of imagination.

Next....we went to the Kangaroo for slurpies.....they were so goood! I must remember to buy them more often when it is hot! They can really cool you off!

Lunch was hotdogs and chips....Jen came and took them home around 1:30. A great time was had by all.

The girls are tracked out for three weeks, but will be traveling for two weeks. They are going to California to visit friends...just Jen and the girls. California is great all year, but especially this time of year. Take me with you!!

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  1. Its good that you can entertain them all at the same time that way...I only get to spend time with my granddaughter who lives nearby, not the one in Texas...
    Mama Bear