Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Today, I am making a yummy chocolate cake to surprise my hubby, Bob. He doesn't get cake very often because I tell him if I make it we will eat it!! Da! I guess that is the object of baking it! Neither one of us needs the calories, but I am in the mood for cake. Here is a cute poem I copied while in a Dr.'s office somewhere.

Funny Honey

You're my honey
You're my sweet
You're my pumpkin pie to eat
You're my ice cream
You're my ices
You're my seasonings and spices
You're my candy
You're my cake
Oops..I ate mistake!
By Douglas Florian

Off to find my cake pans....Bob will eat ice cream with his, but I want a huge glass of really cold milk!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today has been one of those days where I am just running here and there.....lots of errands. I received my first Social Security Check today and celebrated by getting a pedicure. My feet are feeling great. Every time I get one I tell myself that every night I will put lotion on my feet so they stay soft .....and I will this time!

After running around all morning, I came home and put together chicken noodle soup. I love making it. The recipe came from Country Living Magazine. Altogether I have subscribed to Country Living for probably over 20 years and I have made only one recipe from the thousands that have been featured and it is their Chicken Noodle Soup. Everyone loves it. It is still on their web-site.

My day ended by meeting my knitting/crocheting friends at Borders for an over priced coffee drink and knitting! We talk about everything including knitting! I am making socks for Christmas gifts. Everyone expects them . I make different colorways and different weights of yarn. They choose and I have fun all year knitting them.

By the way, I have finished The Garden Journal blocks ....all of them! And I only have a small section to assemble. While I am putting the sections together I am making a few changes in fabrics. That is time consuming and probably un-necessary! But, I can't stop myself.

Such a beautiful full moon out there tonight. Enjoy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Block of the Month

In January I joined a block of the month....called Y Not. It was to be a challenge for me because every other month the block would feature a y seam. The blocks are supposed to finish 12 1/2. So far only two finished out 12 1/2....that will be no problem because along the way I have purchased additional fabrics to add to my small blocks. Well, last month the block was really hard. They feature a tutorial video on line, but they really don' t help much because you can't see over her shoulder to watch her sew the seam??? If you bring it back to the shop before the tenth of the month the next block is free. I have finished all of my blocks on time....even though some look better than others. The only thing saving me is that the fabric is Kaffe Fassett print and they are soooo busy you really can't tell my seams don't meet or match. Kaffe fabrics are a new colorway for me. I am enjoying the wild colors and prints....but I will still always avoid a pattern with a y seam. Blessings, Lee

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My family

My daughter, Jennifer, and I traveled together to my Mom's funeral. We got back to Raleigh yesterday and I am tired.

My son-in-law posted on his facebook about the funeral and he said, " Very odd that no one cried!" My family is a bunch of misfits..just trying to get along. We are not the Brady Bunch?? My Mom has been declining for six months and we were glad that she is at rest and not confused anymore. My Dad and my sister will miss her the most because they lived in the same house. I have lived away from home for over 40 years and sometimes miles and miles from Louisville. I lived five years with my grandmother and grandfather until I went to kindergarden. Time goes by and sometimes you just don't bond the way "you are suppose to". I am not saying it is all my Mom's fault, but we were just not bonded the way some daughters are bonded with their mothers. I am sorry we are a little disfunctional...but I will miss her...I just had a hard time grieving for her. Does this make sense? Thanks for listening to me vent.

I am getting back into the groove....sewing on my G J and finished up the stitcheries last night.

Catch you later.