Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day is here!

I have to go to AC Moore today because I need a long sleeve shirt for tomorrow for under my tie-dye shirt because of my field trip. Which is at... DUKE HOMESTEAD!

Last night was "sleep over" for the two girly girls...Amanda and Autumn, my granddaughters. Amanda, just typed herself into my blog, She is 8 almost 9 and will some day learn to type and write faster.

Today is going to be full of things to do. First we are going to open up a pomegranate and figure out how to eat it. Amanda is the expert on that procedure....we'll see??? We are planning a picnic to the park so Amanda can conquer another set of monkey bars. Just last year she couldn't do it, but in just a year of practice and conditioning she can do any monkey bars. I want to go to a place she has not done the monkey bars......I know just the right park!!


  1. don't you gotta love this post,Amanda wrote it!