Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Week Before Thanksgiving and I am already thankful!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite celebrations. It happens in my favorite time of year, fall, and it involves family getting together.

This year since we have downsized and given our huge table to my daughter, Jennifer, we will be having Thanksgiving at her house. Yea! I plan to help as much as I can, but all of the mess will be at her house...another Yea!

We always have the same menu and always consume too much food. This year the weekend is shuffled. The guys are going golfing and the girls are going shopping. We play games every night and stay up too late!

Making gingerbread houses and decorating them with huge amounts of candy is on the agenda for Saturday. Each team thinks of a theme. We have had some really over the top houses. One year we had a trailer, a Hawaiian "grass hut", that one was really cute with all of the shredded wheat on the roof and homemade palm trees that we couldn't get to stand up, and a log cabin decorated with pretzels.

We talk and laugh and just get caught up on the happenings from the year. Oh course, we are all thankful for so many things. We all agree we are truly blessed.

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