Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My family

My daughter, Jennifer, and I traveled together to my Mom's funeral. We got back to Raleigh yesterday and I am tired.

My son-in-law posted on his facebook about the funeral and he said, " Very odd that no one cried!" My family is a bunch of misfits..just trying to get along. We are not the Brady Bunch?? My Mom has been declining for six months and we were glad that she is at rest and not confused anymore. My Dad and my sister will miss her the most because they lived in the same house. I have lived away from home for over 40 years and sometimes miles and miles from Louisville. I lived five years with my grandmother and grandfather until I went to kindergarden. Time goes by and sometimes you just don't bond the way "you are suppose to". I am not saying it is all my Mom's fault, but we were just not bonded the way some daughters are bonded with their mothers. I am sorry we are a little disfunctional...but I will miss her...I just had a hard time grieving for her. Does this make sense? Thanks for listening to me vent.

I am getting back into the groove....sewing on my G J and finished up the stitcheries last night.

Catch you later.


  1. Sorry for your loss...everyone grieves in their own way and on their own time...Louisville? I am just out of Louisville...hugs

  2. Sorry I had to come back and say one more thing...I found my self not long ago in a similar situation...I knew someone was going to die and it would take a few months but I started grieving slowly I think right then and I think by the time they did pass...I had already done my grieving...I had already come to terms with it and believed they would be in a better it wasn't that I didn't grieve it was that I had already grieved so much...just a thought...

  3. Everyone grieves differently and in their own time...If your Mom had been ill for a long time and had dementia, perhaps you had already grieved for the woman she was.
    I think about families Mother was close to all her siblings..she was the oldest of 7 and her Mother had epilepsy so she was a Mother to them..Her Mother died at 54 and they did depend on my Mother a lot.
    My husband's family isn't close at all...he doesn't talk to his siblings very often...I chat with my one sister online or on the phone but my other two siblings and I don't talk son goes months without calling...our lives are just so full, we all are doing our own thing.
    I know you're happy to be home.
    Mama Bear