Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Mommy Sews

Carolyn is a peach....she is my greatest fan and biggest promoter. She sent out an e-vite to her friends for a sewing class led by me.

It started with one of Jen's friends being pregnant wanting to learn to use a sewing machine and make baby clothes. She and Jen came over and I introduced Tracey to my machine. She made flannel burp cloths for the new baby. She had fun and posted on Facebook.

That is where Carolyn pops in. She saw the post and jumped on the idea for me to teach her and friends to sew. I charged $30.00 which included a small sewing kit and fabric for an apron. Five gals turned out on Saturday night. I had a blast. I truly believe in the Biblical truth of teaching the "younger" women to be good wives...not that sewing has much to do with that. Sewing is a way to express yourself and make something useful or fun in the process!

A good time was had by all! Every gal finished her apron but one gal who had to leave and make dinner. We talked about maybe doing other classes for making tote bags or table runners. I hope I get another class.

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