Monday, July 18, 2011

I am going to post more often!! Surely my life is not sooo boring?

I am in love with summer! Yes, it is hot here and suppose to get hotter later this week, but summer brings so many great veggies and things to do.

Living in North Carolina has brought veggies into my life that weren't there before even after living north, east, south and west in the USA! I fixed purple hull peas for Sunday dinner and even Bob loves them. With mashed potatoes they are the best! I went to the Carrboro Farmer's Mkt on Saturday and saw something I had never seen....plum tomatoes that looked "tiedyed"....yellow and red stripes. Next time I am getting some of those.

The Farmer's Market always has a variety of produce. This Saturday just happened to be tomato day at the market. They put together an area solely dedicated to tomato samples....needless to say we joined the line and tasted everyone!! I brought home a tiny cantelope about the size of a ball of is soo sweet you wish it was the size of a watermelon! But, the best thing I brought home was a loaf of artisan bread. It has a taste unlike any bread I have ever eaten.....sage, rosemary with small cut up potato chunks in different colors. Toasted it is amazing.

Catch you later....blessings

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  1. would love you to post more...........see I never get to go to Farmers Markets so this was interesting..........would love to see some pics too...........maybe you'll have to go back next's cold and drab and feels like winter here for sure.............