Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Sorry I haven't posted, but I have had a few technical problems? But, all is well and I can share everyday if I want.

My birthday was June 18th and my children gave me a ticket to a Paul McCartney concert in Charlotte. WE are spending the night and driving home on Thursday. I am so excited. Love that Paul! I know he is "old" but, I think he is the good kind of "old".
I am also looking forward to alone time with Jennifer. We cooked together this weekend and had great fun creating peach cobbler. It turned out to be part of one recipe and part of another and then we improvised. Improvising is almost always the best path to take....a little cinnamon, more brown sugar....extra peaches. Yum!
Let me think.....what is my favorite Beatles/Paul song? What is your favorite ? I love everything on the "Flaming Pie" album....especially "Calico Skies". Catch you later...Lee


  1. Yippee you did it. I missed you. I loaded Windows Live Writer on my tool bar and it is a sinch to post. I am glad you had a nice birthday!!

  2. oh would love to go to Paul......have fun with jennifer........

  3. Hey. I have heard that you and Paul McCartney share the same birthday of June 18th, but he is much older than you.

    If he is lucky enough to meet you Charlotte he will say " Hi ya Luv". If he was only so lucky to meet you.

    Have fun. You deserve it.


  4. Yesterday is my favorite, I suppose...He is an old guy, isn't he...I remember when the Beatles were the craze...Is this the Jennifer of Stitchin Thyme or your daughter? It will be a fun trip.
    Happy Birthday!
    Mama Bear