Monday, January 16, 2012

Autumn spends the night!

good morning we are going to make a mural for valentines day and hang it

up at Oldmommy's house. Bye now...we are going to play!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Mommy Sews

Carolyn is a peach....she is my greatest fan and biggest promoter. She sent out an e-vite to her friends for a sewing class led by me.

It started with one of Jen's friends being pregnant wanting to learn to use a sewing machine and make baby clothes. She and Jen came over and I introduced Tracey to my machine. She made flannel burp cloths for the new baby. She had fun and posted on Facebook.

That is where Carolyn pops in. She saw the post and jumped on the idea for me to teach her and friends to sew. I charged $30.00 which included a small sewing kit and fabric for an apron. Five gals turned out on Saturday night. I had a blast. I truly believe in the Biblical truth of teaching the "younger" women to be good wives...not that sewing has much to do with that. Sewing is a way to express yourself and make something useful or fun in the process!

A good time was had by all! Every gal finished her apron but one gal who had to leave and make dinner. We talked about maybe doing other classes for making tote bags or table runners. I hope I get another class.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Old Mommy Grills

Jennifer, Greg and the girly girls are out of town and Poppy and I are babysitting the "granddog", Rosie. Rosie is a good dog and we enjoy being here taking care of her. For many years we had dogs for pets, but now living in a condo has made it difficult to have pets. So, we spoil Rosie almost as much as we do the girly girls. We go for long walks and play lots of ball fetching in the backyard. Even though she is still a puppy she has developed a few quirks....mostly about eating her dog food. But, for us our stay here is perfect!

When Jen and Greg give us their scheduled time to be away we start planning what we are going to put on the grill back on the deck. We have rules at the condo NO Grills! For two senior citizens who have grilled all their married life, that was something we knew we would miss. But, staying here allows us to use the grill for every meal if we want??

Grilled steak, grilled shrimp, grilled salmon, grilled veggie kabobs, and more veggie kabobs and for lunch grilled hotdogs. Poppy tells me I am a superb griller and I accept that compliment with pride. I was just telling Poppy tonight one of the best perks about pots and pans to wash. It is a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

Come home gang, but not before we have pork chops please!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mac, wind and rain!

My son, John, sent me his older (2years) Mac. I opened the box and the only thing I could say was "WOW!' The computer monitor is 24 inches..taking up half of my is wonderful. The color and the sound are awesome. I am still playing with everything, but for only having it for less than a week....I think I am doing pretty good for being technically challenged!

Hurricane Irene came and went somewhat uneventful...thank God. The temperature was in the low 8Os so it felt great outside...sat on my porch and felt the wind in my face aaahhhhhh. We didn't get much rain and the farmers could have used some, but as an weather event it turned out okay. Of course, we were over prepared and that is always an insurance policy that things will not get too bad. The worse weather happens when you are not prepared, like going to bed in February and expecting a couple inches of snow and waking up and not be able to open your back door to let the dog out because of drifting snow.

Looking forward to a great week. Blessings!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Night Sleepover with the girly girls

Amanda and Autumn spent the night last night. I know I talk a lot about sleepovers and the girls, but last night was so much fun. I guess part of it is the fact that they are getting older and Autumn does most of the same things that Amanda does.

We watched a funky movie while eating homemade cookies from the freezer. Freezer cookies are remarkably delish....and really easy. We ate all 15 cookies and enjoyed every bite!

Our main activity recently has been making murals with paints or markers. They turn out amazing. We just start with maybe a fun picture of a sunshine or a rainbow or maybe a volcano and make everything go together. One of our favorite things to draw is big names.....AMANDA or AUTUMN in puffy letters and then decorating them with designs.

Last night we had both markers and new paint sets.....the pictures were amazing and the colors were so clean and bright. They are taped on the big slider closet doors in their bedroom. Looks good!

Breakfast was uneventful, but after breakfast the girls went on a sketching mission to the third floor of our condo unit. They took pencils and notebooks and drew the decorating and furniture in the hallway upstairs. They loved never know how much fun takes place with a simple idea and lots of imagination.

Next....we went to the Kangaroo for slurpies.....they were so goood! I must remember to buy them more often when it is hot! They can really cool you off!

Lunch was hotdogs and chips....Jen came and took them home around 1:30. A great time was had by all.

The girls are tracked out for three weeks, but will be traveling for two weeks. They are going to California to visit friends...just Jen and the girls. California is great all year, but especially this time of year. Take me with you!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

When the moon hits your a big pizza pie...that's amore!

Well, Heidi and I did it! The pizza turned out great. Everything being roasted ahead of time was the best thing we did. The roasted tomatoes made the pie just perfect. We could even pick it up and fork or knife involved. To me that is success!

We sat at my kitchen table and ate pizza waiting for the hummingbirds to visit my potted Rose of Sharon. They visit most every day....they are so cute.

After I had praised Heidi and Heidi had praised me and we had praised even the oven and the pizza stone, we decided we will do this again.

We talked at length about our next cooking adventure....scones or quiche??? Which one should we do??